Thursday, April 6, 2017

d story of my kannan who lives in guruvayoor

this morning i was chatting with somebody and happened to see d idols of my guruvayoor kannan. this kannan was looking much more beautiful and better than mine. 
courtsey : facebook

 i have also two kannans. one was worshipped in oman with me since 1973. on my return for good in 1993 i brought him back and i worship him at my trichur home. the beauty is coming low, but i assume the friendliness is much more increased. i used to share with him my happiness and sorrow like a friend. i have written lot of stories of him which was unexpectadly came to my story. i shall send u later the link of the blog.. once i told him about his special touch. i dont know how to express my ideas, vision and thoughts about my kannan.

 once a lady between 35 and 40 years who was my neighbor for some time requested me to get her one kannan. i said yes, but had to play a drama in front of my wife while we were together inside a foto kiosk in guruvayoor. she asked me till we went to sleep that day, to whom you bought that kannan. but i could not reveal d truth..... that kannan was wrapped in a news paper and gave to me by d shop keeper. kannan was lying at my home for weeks and weeks. one day my wife wanted to get rid of this beautiful piece. that day i took it to my office and kept der for another few weeks.... after a month or two my chirstian partner told me. "prakashettan - you either unwrrap krishnan and keep it in d office or take to home back..." that particular day i took my kannan and delivered to d lady to whom i had promised. she was so happy and her yes were wet looking at me and the wrapper. thank god, my dear kannan i could present that beautiful piece of wrapper where my kannan was wrapped weeks and weeks.

this story is not ending, it will be continued after editing.. the above mentioned words are like talking to some one. more fotos to be included, also my prayer room kannans.

and few words about guruvayoor temple where my kannan living.